Play With Your Food

Comments from the audience
"What a great night. We really enjoyed it" Jane (Zakz Bistro and Bar 16/02/07)

"An excellent production given the limited facilities for playing in a restaurant. Being up close to the actors was cool. You could see every expression" Angie M (Zakz Bistro and Bar 16/02/07)

"How refreshing to see real theatre in such an intimate setting. Great food too. I congratulate the management for having the courage to try something new - and it worked!" Bill (Zakz Bistro and Bar 16/02/07)

"You chose your actors really well. Their professionalism in handling these two plays showed through." Sharon (Zakz Bistro and Bar 16/02/07)
"We loved The Seance. Reminded me of my Auntie Bess!  Carl (Botanix 20/04/07)
" This was the second production we had been to at Botanix. We are becoming regulars. Can we book for next month tonight? Alan (Botanix 21.04/07)
"Well that was different! Never had Theatre in a Malaysian Restaurant before. It was really good. Loved the food, loved the plays. Selena (Adam's Oriental Restaurant 04/05/07)
Can I get the phone number of that really cute actress? Anonymous (Zakz Bistro and Bar 23/03/07)
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Tonight's mix of comedy and then a more serious drama was an excellent program choice - enjoyed every minute." Tom Botanix 27/07/07
"Family Tree was a gripping yarn. Helen Royle was excellent in the role of the matriach. I'm not really a theatre person - but this has been a great evening." Trevor Botanix 28/07/07
Sunday Lunch with a couple of Plays. Great idea. It filled the afternoon nicely. Roxie, Danny's Scarborough 2009
Loved the Chicken, loved the play Sudden Death. This was a fun night out. Col,  Santo's Sept 2009
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Remember Ceasar - Hilarious. Graham. Focus May 2011
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