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Michael Weston
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a Comedy by Alice Gerstenberg
When Society Hostess Mrs Pringle throws a Dinner Party she likes to think that she does it in style. Tonight's gathering is especially important because she has invited the most elegible bachelor in town and intends that he shall be impressed not only by Mrs Pringle's status as a hostess but also by the charm and beauty of her only daughter, Elaine. So she has assembled the cream of society to sit down at a table for fourteen for a sparkling soiree. 

But her plans are doomed from the start. Unfortunately one of the guests can't make it - and that means thirteen to sit down to dinner - a most inauspicious omen. 

How can she replace him at the last moment? And when the weather causes another couple to cancel it looks as if the evening is set on a disastrous course. Mrs Pringle makes some phone calls and the staff struggle to cope with an ever fluctuating guest list.

Can she sustain her reputation? Will the gods smile favourably on Elaine's future? 
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